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“I’ve worked with professional soccer trainers before and always felt almost satisfied. With First Shot Soccer, I was thrilled – the training is consistent, the learning environment is competitive and our boys improved technically, tactically, physically and their confidence level is through the roof. I couldn’t be happier!”


David Hewitt,

Wayne Boys and Girls Club, Manager

A professional training curriculum provides our players continuity, function, and encourages technical creativeness. We provide players with resources to increase confidence in their own abilities. Development is achieved through the following services:

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First Shot Soccer (FSS)

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First Shot Soccer (FSS), led by Bobby Calderon, hires professional trainers who share our passion for teaching youth players the beautiful game of soccer. Our trainers specialize in long-term player and team development. We are constantly evolving as educators. 

Choosing an appropriate soccer trainer for your child can be a difficult decision, especially in today's market. First Shot Soccer is a recognized leader in northern New Jersey for long-term player development with over 30 years of experience.

Take your First Shot!

JUNE 17, 2019 - FSS own Bobby Calderon gets voted into Oakland NJ Hall of Fame 

Please join us tonight at the Oakland Senior Center as Bobby is inducted into the Oakland Hall of Fame! Bobby, the man with the vision of a better tomorrow, with the patience of a saint, with more soccer experience and soccer knowledge than we know what to do with and with the man so many truly consider as a part of their family. Many have referred to Bobby as the heart of Oakland and we couldn’t agree more. His loyalty and dedication have demonstrated what it takes to remain an extraordinary individual. This honor is greatly appreciated and deserved. Hope to see you tonight! 6 pm!! Please be advised of the location change to the senior center!! 

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  • Individual, Group, & Team Training
  • Supplemental Training
  • Winter, Spring, & Summer Camps
  • Performance Enhancement Training
  • Finishing & Goalkeeper Training

June 22, 2020 - Soccer is back!  Please read the Participation (Return to Play) Guidelines from First Shot Soccer. Even though restrictions are being slowly lifted we must still be aware and follow the guidelines to ensure everyone's safety. 

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​​“First Shot Soccer has been developing players in our community since 1986! Their philosophy and core values are in alignment with the RYSA WILDCATS mission statement. Their trainers are committed to our children every season and focus on long-term player development which helps our club remain one of the most competitive in our area for over 30 years." 


Laurie Restieri,