• ​​Team Training- team training is designed for groups to excel in their ability to perform at the highest level as a single unit. We work primarily with club teams although we have trained local recreation programs. Our goal is to offer the tools and educations required for teams to become high performing; by implementing our core values, passion for the game, and long-term player development curriculum. 

  • Private Training-private training is for any player looking for one-on-one training with Bobby or trainer on staff. Bobby will design a program based on your individual goals and requirements. The training programs we offer allow a player to achieve their full potential as confident young people on and off the field. The training regimen provides precise technical skills plus it focuses on key elements such as body positioning, ball control, dribbling, passing and shooting.

  • Group Training- group training is designed to fit the needs of a small group. Whether it’s a group of forwards, defense or both, our programs allow each player in the group to take full advantage of their strengths and improve on their weaknesses. Group training provides a competitive environment with team mates or peers on different teams/clubs/leagues. Our programs offer the same intense training regimen as the private training plus a professional experience of speed, strength and agility in a remote location.


  • Indoor Winter Training- we offer various indoor winter training programs in Oakland (Bergen County) and Wayne (Passiac County) New Jersey. We work with many club teams during the winter season at Turf City Sports Center located in Wayne, NJ (off of Route 23 South), NJ Sports House located in Oakland, NJ and PS2 Athletics located in Wayne, NJ. We provide a full regimen of conditioning, tactics and technique at all our camps that will empower campers for their upcoming season! 

  • In-Season Supplemental Training -our results driven supplemental training program focuses on long-term development of players while in-season with their club/academy/recreation team. The training program is designed for motivated players seeking effective training tools to further develop their soccer skills and abilities. Training sessions are led by advanced First Shot Academy (FSA) certified trainers under the supervision of Academy Director, Bobby Calderon.  ​In addition, players that excel in the supplemental training program are invited to join a FSA Summer Select team which participates in premier level summer tournaments. This academy feeder system provides high-performing players with the opportunity to be selected for FSA teams who travel abroad to Costa Rica to compete in high-level soccer matches against first division youth development and national team programs.
  • Spring and Summer Camps - we offer spring and summer camps each year in Oakland, NJ. Our camps include a full regimen of conditioning, technical training, games, competitions, small group and all camp scrimmages which provides our campers a competitive advantage. 


  • Striker & Defender Camp This camp is specifically designed for attacking players to enhance their goal scoring ability and teach proper striking of the ball with precision and control. The camp will also focus on high level dribbling and foot skill techniques -- necessary to create time and space for shooting chances in front of the goal.

  • JR Wildcats- for boys and girls ages 4 to 7. A fun-filled program designed to introduce young children to the exciting game of soccer! Under the direction of professional soccer trainer Bobby Calderon and staff, we will present basic soccer skills using a variety of games and drills. No experience is necessary, come learn the game in a no-pressure, enjoyable atmosphere. The JR Wildcats program was developed in 1998; in collaboration with members of the RYSA Wildcats board and Bobby Calderon. Today, Bobby and staff, along with the club's coaches, board members and players continue to successfully provide a fun-filled soccer experience for the children of the Jr. Wildcats program.

  • Little Tikes Indoor SoccerNJ Sports House & First Shot Soccer present Little Tikes Indoor Soccer for 3 and 4 year olds.  These classes introduce children to the fundamentals of soccer including dribbling, passing, shooting, and the basic rules of the game. Children will also develop gross motor skills and social interaction all while having fun!

  • Goalkeeper Training - goalkeeper training is a brand new program for goalkeepers of all ages and abilities and is led by First Shot Soccer Goalkeeper Director, YIRLANIA ARROYO FONSECA. As players go through the program they will learn and grow in the position while being trained in footwork, handwork, diving & landing, communication, distribution, and game management. Every aspect of goalkeeping is covered in depth. This program is the most comprehensive of its kind. Designed based upon Yirlania's years of professional playing experience with the Costa Rican Women's National Team and the Sky Blue. 

  • High School Team Preseason Camp - mini-camp is designed specifically for high school teams preparing for their upcoming two-a-days and fall season. The five-day training curriculum focuses on intense conditioning. Bobby and staff teach professional soccer speed, strength and agility exercises. They also help players develop proper stretching/flexibility habits which help with injury prevention.  Our program works to assemble strong, healthy and super quick soccer players. As players speed, strength and agility improves so will their confidence increase in their physical abilities. This edge will help teams get through their regular schedule and any county/state tournaments that may lengthen their season. ​

​​Below is a list of soccer clubs we have had the pleasure of working with in northern New Jersey:


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